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About Computershare Voucher Services

Computershare Voucher Services is the UK’s largest childcare voucher provider.


About Computershare Salary Extras

Using a market-leading platform we design an employee benefits package to meet your company and employees' needs. As the UK’s largest childcare voucher provider, we use our experience in successfully implementing, managing and administering schemes to a diverse customer base to develop and manage schemes for a wide range of customers.


Our schemes can help to improve employee engagement and take-up - for example, one company found that their employees visited the benefits platform an average of 13 times during their benefits window.

You can choose one or more of the exciting and innovative benefits, these can be launched together or over a period of time as required. We can add or remove a benefit and run a benefits window whenever you need to. You will have complete control in selecting the exact mix of benefits tailored for your company.


Cost effective employee benefits package
For many employers, a benefits package can be run at low cost or even with a saving.







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About Computershare Limited


We’re a global financial administration business with local expertise.
In the UK, we offer a range of services for our clients, from employee share plans to share registration to employee benefits.


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