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Frequently Asked Questions

We've grouped our Frequently Asked Questions into six topics below. Choose a category to view the questions and answers in each section. 


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Savings and Eligibility

1. How much can I save?

2. Is there a limit to the amount of vouchers I can have?

3. If I pay Higher rate tax, can I still claim childcare vouchers?

4. How will I know whether I will drop below the national minimum wage?

5. Will childcare vouchers affect my eligibility for other employee benefits?

6. Why does my employer have to carry out a basic earnings assessment?


How the scheme works

1. Who should I contact if I want to know more about the scheme?

2. How do I go about joining the scheme?

3. What is my ID number?

4. What changes do I have to make if I want to use childcare vouchers to pay for my childcare?

5. How do I pay my carer?

6. Can I use this agreement to order childcare vouchers for more than one child?

7. Can I use this agreement to order childcare vouchers that can be used for any child?

8. My child was born in April but I didn't join the childcare voucher scheme until I returned to work in November. Can I receive childcare vouchers for the months I have missed in the current tax year?

9. When can I use my childcare vouchers?

10. What if my partner is already taking part in a childcare scheme with their employer?

11. My employer doesn't offer childcare vouchers at the moment. What can I do to encourage them?

12. Will all registered childcare providers accept these vouchers?


Paying for childcare vouchers

1. Does Computershare take money from my wages? 

2. Do I have to have some of my salary paid in childcare vouchers each month?

3. If I want childcare vouchers, whether my pay period is weekly, bi-weekly, 4-weekly or monthly, what do I do?

4. Why is my employer's payroll cut-off date important to me?

5. What does 'voucher funding' mean?

6. What if my childcare costs are different each month?

7. My voucher was made out to the wrong carer, what do I do?

8. How do I get my voucher refunded?

9. I've paid with a paper voucher which has been cancelled/refunded in error.

10. I want to switch to e-Vouchers. How do I arrange this?


Protected rights

1. My colleague says they have protected rights. What does that mean?

2. My employer has just been acquired by another company and we have to switch to their childcare scheme, which is with another provider. I have protected rights and I’m worried I’ll lose them.
3. I’m a Basic rate taxpayer who registered for childcare vouchers before 6 April 2011. My employer has promoted me to a new role which means I’ll be a Higher rate taxpayer. Will this affect the amount of childcare vouchers I can order?
3. I’m a Basic rate taxpayer with protected rights and I am about to move to a new employer. Will I still be able to order the same tax-free amount of childcare vouchers through their scheme?
4. I’m a Higher rate taxpayer with protected rights and I am about to move to a new employer. Will I still be able to order the same tax-free amount of childcare vouchers through their scheme?
5. I joined my employer’s scheme before 6 April 2011, but it’s been more than 12 months since I last placed an order for childcare vouchers. Can I still order up to £243 each month?


Stopping childcare vouchers

1. What do I do if I no longer want to receive vouchers?

2. What happens if I leave my current employer while on the childcare scheme?


More information

​1. What should I do if I am not happy about the administration of my childcare voucher order?

2: I have just called your Customer Services team and I am unhappy with the way my call was handled.





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