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Getting started

1. How do I register to start receiving childcare vouchers from Computershare Voucher Services?

You can also contact our Carer team on 0345 002 1122 and we'll send you a Carer Registration Form. Once completed, return the form with a copy of your Registration Certificate (from Ofsted or other awarding body). When we receive all your details we will enter you into our database and you can start accepting our childcare vouchers.

2. What does it cost me to register with Computershare Voucher Services?

Nothing, it’s free to join and accept childcare vouchers.

3. What is my ID number?

Once you register with us we'll give you a unique ID number. You will need to quote this each time you contact us so that we can access your records. You can find your ID number on most emails from us or by logging into your online account.