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How do I redeem childcare vouchers?

There are two ways a parent can pay you using childcare vouchers:

1.    e-Vouchers

Parents log into their online account and use e-Vouchers to make regular or one-off payments to you.
We will then make the payment to your designated bank account by BACS transfer* at your chosen frequency.
This is the most accessible, flexible and environmentally friendly way to pay.

2.    Paper vouchers

Parents give the paper voucher to you.
You can redeem paper vouchers online or by calling our automated redemption line on 0345 002 1122.
On redemption, we will pay the face value of the voucher into your bank account by BACS transfer*.
*BACS payment transfers take three to four working days to reach your bank account. We will send you a remittance advice for each payment detailing:
  • Which parent and child the childcare vouchers relate to
  • The child reference as agreed between you and the parent
  • Your carer ID
  • The amounts paid by each parent


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