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Benefits of offering childcare vouchers

Save up to £402* for each employee that joins the scheme
You won’t pay NI contributions on the value of your employees’ childcare vouchers. For each employee that joins the scheme you can save up to £402** a year. For example, with just 20 employees signed up to the scheme you could save over £8,000* a year.
Making sure your employees understand this benefit is crucial. We’ll provide a range of posters, leaflets and scheme information to help you promote your scheme to your staff.​
Enhance your corporate image as a family-friendly employer
Implementing a childcare voucher scheme demonstrates an understanding of your employees’ work-life balance. It can boost staff morale and enhance your reputation. The scheme complements any other family-friendly initiatives you may run.​
Childcare vouchers can help with the recruitment and retention of staff
Offering childcare vouchers to staff is the equivalent of giving working parents a pay rise! Also, offering your employees childcare support can help them achieve a good work-life balance. It promotes a positive workplace culture and can lead to increased productivity and reduced staff turnover. Crucially, childcare vouchers can make the difference which helps parents return to work following parental leave.​

*Annual employer NI savings for a Basic rate taxpayer taking the full £243 voucher value. The maximum savings available will be less for Higher and Additional rate taxpayers.
**Based on a Basic rate taxpayer taking the full £243 voucher allowance over a 12 month period.



“With just 20 employees signed up to the scheme, you can save over £8,000** a year.