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Frequently Asked Questions

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Costs and savings
1. How does my organisation save money?
2. How much does the scheme cost an employer?
3. How can childcare vouchers help to retain staff?
4. My company only employs 50 people. Can I still benefit from joining the scheme?
5. What’s the difference between parents who registered on a scheme after 6 April 2011 and those who registered before this date?
Marketing and ongoing support 
1. Will I receive ongoing support once we've launched the scheme?  
2. Can you provide any management information or reports?
1. What is my ID number?
2. Do I need to complete a P11D form?
3. How do I amend an order?
4. Do I need to keep a record of parent orders on file as the employer?
5. When will you release my employee's Childcare Vouchers?
6. Can employees refund their vouchers?
More information
1. If I have a complaint, what should I do?