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Marketing childcare vouchers

We'll give you a wide range of posters, leaflets and flyers (and more!), to promote the scheme to your employees.

To find out more speak to your Relationship Management team or contact us.

Why is it so important to regularly promote the childcare scheme?

All companies experience some level of staff turnover, and your employees' circumstances may change at any time. We will help you regularly promote your scheme to maximise participation. 
Don’t forget, the more parents that join the scheme, the greater your Employer’s NI savings!

Parent-facing marketing materials
The following materials are available:
  • Parent Information Pack
  • Childcare Voucher Guide
  • Payslip attachment / flyer
  • Posters
  • Table talker
  • Intranet page copy
  • Voucher eligibility and savings calculator  




Don’t forget!
An increase in participation by just five employees will increase your Employer NI savings by £2,010!*


*Assuming they are all Basic rate taxpayers who request the full £243 voucher value each month