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More information

1. What should I do if I am not happy about the administration of my childcare voucher order?
We take your complaints very seriously and will make sure we solve the problem as quickly as possible.

2: I just called your Customer Services team and I am unhappy with the way my call was handled.

We’re really sorry we’ve not handled your call as well as we could have.
We want to provide quality service all of the time, every time, and we have a number of procedures in place to help us with this. All of the calls we receive into our Customer Service team are recorded for monitoring and training purposes using "NICE" recording software. We also have an internal QA (Quality Assurance) team, who randomly check calls handled by Customer Service Representatives every day for quality purposes. Each member of our Customer Service team takes part in an on-going extensive training programme, to monitor their skills and quality.
When we receive comments, positive or negative, about the way a call was handled by one of our Customer Service Representatives, we always investigate and take appropriate action. We will always let you know the result of our investigation.