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Paying for childcare vouchers

1. Does Computershare take money from my wages?
No, your employer deducts the value of your vouchers from your gross salary before tax and National Insurance contributions.
2. Do I have to have some of my salary paid in childcare vouchers each pay day?
No. Whilst the vast majority of parents have an ongoing order for the same amount of childcare vouchers each month, you may decide to stop and start your order. You will remain on the scheme as long as you have had the value of a childcare voucher taken from your pay in a rolling 12-month period.
3. If I want childcare vouchers, whether my pay period is weekly, bi-weekly, 4-weekly or monthly, what do I do?
You must register with us and fill in a Salary Sacrifice agreement. On this agreement you must show how many pay periods are to be covered on the childcare voucher order, or say that you want the arrangement to continue until further notice from you. Instead of an all-cash salary payment, you will be paid by your employer partly in cash and partly in childcare vouchers, for the duration of your agreement.
4. Why is my employer's payroll cut-off date important to me?
Your payroll cut-off date is probably the most important date when participating in a childcare voucher scheme. If you want to join the scheme or make an amendment to your order, you need to do this before your employer's payroll cutoff date. Your payroll department will be able to tell you when your cut-off date is, or you can call us on 0345 002 1111. If you miss the date, your changes won’t be implemented until your next pay period.
5. What if my childcare costs are different each month?
You can still order the same amount regularly, but you don’t have to use them straight away. You can build up your vouchers for a time when you need more childcare cover, for example, during the school holidays. You can then use your online account to make payments up to the  voucher balance in your account.
6. My paper voucher is made out to the wrong carer, what do I do?
Give us a call and we will cancel the voucher for you, so no-one can use it. Please destroy it and we will re-issue a new voucher with the amended details. If you need to change your carer at any time, you can either call us on 0345 002 1111 and we'll amend your details or you can log into your online account and make the change yourself. Please note, if you make changes after your payroll cut-off date, they will not take effect until your next pay period.
7. I want to switch to e-Vouchers. How do I arrange this?
Great news! We offer e-Vouchers as an alternative to paper vouchers to help reduce our carbon footprint. To switch, all you need to do is log in to your online account, click on 'My Vouchers' and select 'Amend Order'. Use the drop down box to switch from paper to e-Vouchers.