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Stopping childcare vouchers

1. What do I do if I no longer want to receive vouchers?
If you decide you want to cancel your order, you must let your employer know and tell us that you want to stop your order. You can do this by contacting the Customer Service team. When amending or cancelling your order, if you miss the payroll cut-off date we have agreed with your employer, we will be unable to amend or cancel your order for that pay period and your change will take effect from the next available pay period.


Don't forget, childcare vouchers are not just for children of pre-school age – they can be used for activities such as breakfast and after-school clubs, childminders, nannies, holiday clubs, and out-of-school clubs for children up to 16^.

2. What happens if I leave my current employer while on the childcare scheme?
It is your employer’s responsibility to check the payroll deduction schedule and remove or ask us to remove any leavers. Your employer will remove you from the payroll schedule, stop paying your childcare voucher order and we will not release any childcare vouchers to you. Your online account will remain live if there are voucher funds available and we will keep making any scheduled payments (provided there's enough vouchers in your account).
However, if you also want to cancel your childcare voucher order  with us directly, please contact the Customer Service team before your payroll cut-off date.